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In America, we take so many things for granted: access to abundant food, luxury housing, and medical care are just a few of the resources we forget to be thankful for. But perhaps the most underrated blessing in America is access to clean water. Many people view water as an infinite, everlasting resource, and no wonder—it runs freely from our pipes 24/7 if we turn on a faucet, flush a toilet, or turn on a lawn sprinkler. But aquifers and lakes won’t stay full unless people all over the country start conserving water. Here are 10 water conservation tips to become a more sustainable homeowner: 

1. Only Use the Washing Machine and Dishwasher When Full 

Sometimes, it’s hard to wait to wash a load of laundry when your favorite top is dirty. Or perhaps you have plenty of bowls, but all of your plates are in the dishwasher. In these cases, the temptation arises to start a load of laundry or dishes early. But running half-loads is a huge waste of water, so resist the urge! 

2. Check For Plumbing Leaks 

Leaky plumbing can result in 20 gallons of wasted water per day. Think of how much money you’re losing during this process, as well as how much the loss is harming the environment. It’s important you check your hardware, such as faucets and toilet tanks, for leaks. If you suspect something is leaking and can’t find the source, hire a professional plumber to take a look. 

3. Compost Instead of Using the Garbage Disposal 

Running water while you use the garbage disposal is not efficient. It wastes water, and it raises your utility bills. Consider starting a compost pile instead, which is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. 

4. Turn Off the Water When Brushing Teeth 

Running the water while you brush your teeth is one of those things you don’t think about. You’ve probably seen other people do it, so you’ve always done the same without conscious thought. At first, running the water while you brush your teeth doesn’t seem like a big deal. Yet that small amount of running water grows every morning and night as you go through your dental hygiene routine. 

5. Don’t Rinse Your Razor With Running Water 

This is another simple way to save water. You can get a good shave without running water the whole time. Fill the sink with a little bit of water, then dip your razor in when you need to rinse it. 

6. Put a Timer On Lawn Sprinklers 

Approximately 80% of our home’s water goes to watering the lawn and taking care of the yard. When you let your sprinklers run without check, you’ll quickly waste gallons and gallons of water. Use automatic sprinklers to stop after a set period of time, or set a timer inside so you know when to turn off the water. 

7. Sweep Your Driveway Rather Than Hosing It Down 

It’s easy to hose down your driveway when it’s boring. It takes little effort, and it’s fast. But we encourage you to take a little more time and effort to sweep it instead. This will help the environment, and you’ll get a little exercise too. 

8. Take Short Showers 

We all know how a good, hot shower feels at the end of a long day. It’s pure bliss. That being said, long showers waste a lot of water. On average, it takes 20 gallons of water for a 10-minute shower. Try to limit your shower time to five minutes, if possible. 

9. Turn Off the Water When Rinsing Your Hair 

If you really need to take a long shower, at least consider turning off the water when you shampoo and condition your hair. Doing this will help you save up to 50 gallons of water per week! This technique requires little effort but delivers big results. 

10. Try Rainwater Harvesting 

Rainwater harvesting takes a little bit more effort than the other techniques we’ve mentioned, However, it’s well worth that effort. You can use rainwater to water your garden by hand, refill your toilet, and even drink when filtered properly. This is an absolutely free resource, and all you have to do is invest in a system to collect it. There are many types of rain barrel systems, but the easiest one to set up is a rain barrel. You just place the rain barrel beneath your gutter, and the runoff will fill it until you have enough for your purpose. 

Make Sure Your Home is Water-Efficient With Our Help! 

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