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Unfortunately, no matter how much money you put into your plumbing system, it will experience issues eventually. Nothing lasts forever. Sooner or later, you’ll be in need of repairs. Many things could go wrong with your plumbing, from minor inconveniences to major catastrophes. Here are 7 common plumbing problems to look out for

1. Leaky Faucets

This is by far the most common plumbing problem. Have you ever been haunted by the endless plinking of water in your sink, no matter how far you push your faucets back? If so, you’ll know how frustrating this issue can be. But are you aware of how costly a dripping faucet is? Little droplets might seem insignificant at first, despite the irritating sound they make. However, these little droplets quickly become gallons of wasted water! Not only is this bad for the planet, but it’s also detrimental to your utility bills as well! Replacing the washer in your faucet is usually the quick solution to this problem. 

2. Blocked Sink Pipes

If you’ve noticed the water isn’t draining properly in your sink, you’ve likely got a clog or blockage somewhere. What’s blocking up your sink depends on the location. Kitchen sinks tend to get clogged by pieces of food, grease, or oil. Bathroom sinks are often the victims of hair and soap chunks that prevent water from draining well. To fix clogged sink pipes, you can use a chemical cleaner, a metal “snake, ” or a DIY solution made of vinegar and baking soda. If none of these solutions work, it’s time to call a plumber before the blockage worsens. 

3. Backed-Up Shower Drain 

A backed-up shower drain can be attributed to the same culprits that clog bathroom sinks. Soap and hair often build up in shower drains, causing water buildup when you turn on the faucets. Once again, a plumber’s snake or a baking soda-vinegar solution are your best options. You could use a solution from the store as well, like Draino. 

A man fixes a leaky sink, one of the common plumbing problems

4. Toilet That Continuously Runs 

Does your toilet always run, no matter how long it’s been since you flushed it? This is a common plumbing problem as well. As with dripping faucets, running toilets result in excessive water waste when left unfixed. Most of the time, you can blame a malfunctioning flapper valve for this issue. The flapper valve controls the flow of water between the tank and the bowl. Thankfully, they are easy to replace. If you have any DIY skills, you’ll be able to fix this problem with a plumbing kit. 

5. Weak Water Pressure

It’s always frustrating when you step in the shower expecting a massaging burst of water, only to get a weak trickle. Low water pressure is common in older homes, and it can affect the entire plumbing system. If you have weak water pressure all over the house, you can likely blame leaky or worn pipes. If low water pressure only affects the shower, you should try soaking the showerhead in vinegar to clean it, or you could replace your showerhead entirely. 

6. Water Heater Complications 

Pipes and faucets aren’t the only parts of your plumbing system that can malfunction. Your water heater could also fail, causing you to enter Antarctica every time you take a shower or wash your hands. Sometimes, sediment buildup is the problem. Other times, it could be an issue with your thermostat or your water heater’s pilot light. Either way, you’re going to want a professional’s help with water heater complications. 

7. Sump Pump Malfunctions

Sump pumps help prevent your home from flooding during storms and heavy rains. When excess water builds up under your home, the sump pump works to push it away. If your sump pump malfunctions, you’ll likely end up with standing water in your basement and a lot of clean-up! Clear debris from your sump pump often and have a professional inspect it once in a while to make sure it functions properly. 

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