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Toilets show how far society has come in terms of waste disposal technology. The days of chamber pots are long gone, as waste is efficiently disposed of thanks to the toilet. However, even toilets will encounter problems that keep them from working as needed. In order to be prepared, take time to check out some of the most common toilet problems and how you can solve and prevent them from occurring again.

5 Common Toilet Problems And Solutions

When it comes to keeping your toilet in shape, you want to be familiar with some of the most common toilet problems and how to resolve them. Keep reading to learn about five toilet problems and their respective solutions.

1. Running Toilet

When a toilet is described as running, it means that the toilet never stops running water. This can lead to an unnecessarily high water bill and waste of water. The two likely causes of this happening are issues with the toilet’s flapper valve, or there’s too much water in the tank. To troubleshoot this problem, mess around with the handle, and if that doesn’t work, turn off the water supply and replace the flapper valve.

2. Clogged Toilet

You’re probably most familiar with clogged toilets as far as toilet problems are concerned. These can be the result of too much toilet paper getting trapped and building up. If a plunger doesn’t do the trick, the next step is to use a snake drain. For more severe clogs, experts recommend using a double-thrust force cup plunger.

toilet problems clog

3. Leaking Toilet

If you’ve ever gone to the bathroom and found water pooling at the bottom of your toilet, then you may have encountered a leaking toilet. This leak might be the result of the caulking at the bottom being damaged or eroded. You’ll need to clean up the area thoroughly before you recaulk the sealing at the bottom of the toilet. However, in severe cases, you might need to have a professional replace the toilet.

4. Loose Toilet Handle

Have you ever reached for the toilet handle to flush only to find that it felt rather loose? A loose toilet handle just means it needs to be reconnected to the rest of the tank again. You can start by adjusting the nut inside the tank. If that doesn’t work, adjust the lift chain; should that fail, you’ll probably need to replace the toilet handle itself.

toilet problems handle

5. Unstable Toilet Seat

If you sit down on the toilet and find that the seat is shaky, then the toilet seat needs to be either resecured or replaced. The good news is that this problem has a very DIY-friendly solution. After ordering the correct replacement toilet seat, you’ll need a screwdriver and maybe some replacement nuts in case the current ones are too corroded. Pliers will help remove them if they are too corroded and need replacing in addition to the toilet seat.

Some Toilet Maintenance Tips

While it’s helpful to know the solutions to the above toilet problems, it’s just as important to practice some maintenance routines that will help you avoid these issues. Cleaning the inside of your toilet bowl once a week or every other week is an easy way to keep your toilet in check. Cleaning the base of the toilet is another way to keep the sealant in good shape. Keeping an eye on the state of your toilet will also allow you to take action before anything gets worse.

Solve Your Toilet Problems With ASAP Plumbing Experts!

We hope this brief guide to toilet problems will help you feel confident in your ability to maintain this essential part of your home’s bathroom. Of course, some toilet problems require professional attention, and our team at ASAP Plumbing Experts is here to help in those times. Contact us today and solve your toilet problems.