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Stay Clean and Happy During Your Shower

A clogged shower is very annoying to experience because it causes the experience to be less enjoyable and is likely to make you feel unclean. Standing in your own water as you wash isn’t ideal. You should always address your shower clog sooner rather than later. Many of us enjoy our time in the shower as it helps melt off the stress from the long day. It’s hard to do that when we’re standing in pooling water. ASAP Plumbing Experts is here to help you unclog your shower whenever it persists.


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What’s Clogging Your Shower

Showers are relatively low-maintenance appliances, but they can require some work from time to time. Clogs are capable of occurring and are often caused by a buildup of hair. As we shower, hair falls off and collects in the drain of the shower. Additionally, many of us shave in the shower, only adding to the collection of hair. Over time, your shower drain will lose the ability to drain before you’re finally standing in a puddle of water in your shower.

Most clogged showers can be fixed by removing the buildup of hair at the drain. If the clog is further inside, you may need a plunger or drain snake. These tools are effective in removing small, minor clogs that have accumulated over long periods of time. If your methods are not working to remove the clog in your shower drain, contact ASAP Plumbing Experts. The problem may be more severe, or the hair buildup may be too far to reach with your own methods.

Hair isn’t the only cause of clogged showers. Soap scum or mineral buildup may also be the cause or, at the very least, contributing. In many cases, clogs in showers are caused by a combination of hair, soap scum, and mineral buildup. These are all common causes of clogged showers, but it doesn’t mean you have to continue living with a pesky clog. Get in touch with our team for 24-hour clog removal services.


Signs of a Bigger Problem

A clogged shower occurring every once in a while is normal, but there are signs it’s not the shower to blame. It is important you know what signs to look for when your shower clogs. Frequency is a large part of noticing the problem. Shower clogs happen and are natural. However, they shouldn’t occur every day or every week. This is a sign your shower drain is experiencing another problem.

Other signs your shower clog is revealing a bigger problem include:

  • Slow draining of water
  • Gurgling water as it drains
  • Water rising up from the shower drain

The cause of your shower clog could be associated with a clog deeper in the plumbing. It may also be connected to your sewer line. Our team won’t know how to solve the issue until we perform a thorough drain camera inspection. Only then can we give you a detailed solution that will unclog your shower drain.


Shower Clog Removal Services

If you are unable to remove the clog in your shower drain or it continues to impact your showering experience, give ASAP Plumbing Experts a call. We are a professional plumbing company serving the Greater Houston area. Our clog removal services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Don’t hesitate to give our team a call when your bathing experience is being downgraded from a clog. We will perform the necessary inspection and implement a long-lasting solution. Book an appointment, request emergency service, or call for a quote!


What is clogging my shower drain?

The most likely cause of a clogged shower drain is hair buildup. As we shower, hair falls off us and collects in the drain. This is the most common cause of a clogged shower drain. If hair is not the cause, it is likely linked to a greater problem with your plumbing system. Seek a plumbing inspection right away in that case. 

Will shaving in the shower clog the drain?

It certainly can, yes. A buildup of hair is the most common cause of a clogged shower drain. Excess hair collects in the drain when you shave your body in the shower, leading to a buildup and a blockage.

How do I fix a clogged shower?

One of the best ways to fix a clogged shower drain is to reach into the drain for any immediate obstructions. Hair often collects at the drain or just below it. You may be able to reach it and remove any collected there with your hand. If the hair isn’t within reach, try a drain snake to reach further down.

Above all, you shouldn’t use chemicals to remove clogs. These chemicals are acidic and abrasive to your plumbing system. They will corrode your pipes, causing them to age faster. These solutions are also not environmentally friendly.

Enjoy Your Shower Without the Worry of Clogs!