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The Purpose of a Yard Drain

A yard drain, also known as a catch basin, collects water from your yard and transports it to an area where it is collected—typically a storm drain. Yard drains come in all sizes and shapes while also serving similar purposes in different areas. For example, some pools may feature yard drains to prevent puddles of water in nearby lawns. Another common purpose of a yard drain is to catch water coming from a downspout so water doesn’t pool at the foundation of the house. Regardless of the way your yard drain is used, it must operate correctly. Of course, a clogged yard drain is possible, which our team can help you with.


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What Clogs a Yard Drain?

As yard drains collect water from a variety of different sources, they easily clog from all sorts of debris. Common items you’ll find in your yard drain includes grass clippings, leaves, twigs, pebbles, and trash. As your yard drain collects these materials, water has a difficult time getting through, creating pools of water in your lawn. This is the opposite of what your yard drain is designed to do, which is why regular maintenance and cleanings are essential for your peace of mind.

Problems Caused by Pooling Water

Pooling water within your yard is a sign of a clogged yard drain. This is a serious sign it’s not performing its job and requires your attention. While you may not think it, pooling water can have detrimental effects on your lawn and home. Anytime you notice standing water in your yard, be sure to contact a plumber like Hydro Jetting and Drains Houston. We can help identify the cause of the issue and implement an effective solution. Don’t wait to have your clogged yard drain cleared because you may experience the following from pooling water:

  • Grass and plant death
  • Muddy lawn
  • Promotes mold and mildew growth
  • Damages the foundation
  • Creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes



Implementing Solutions for a Clogged Yard Drain

The solutions to a clogged yard drain are just like that of a clogged sink or toilet. Depending on the size of the drain, we’ll implement an industrial drain snake for the job. In some cases, our team may be able to remove blockages with our own hands. Of course, we’ll evaluate the best solution based on your yard drain and the severity of the clog. In the event hydro jetting or drain snaking does not work, you likely have a collapsed pipe that needs replacing. Our team can perform this installation, so your yard drain performs the job it was designed to complete. 

Preventing a Clogged Yard Drain

If your yard drain continuously gets clogged, you may want to consider regular maintenance. You can do this yourself by inspecting your yard drains on a regular basis. Check for any leaves, a buildup of grass, twigs, and other debris at the catch basin and where it leads. By clearing these areas, you can reduce the chance of debris entering the drain. As a result, your drain will not experience as many clogs. You can also clean out your drain with your own water hose. Do this every few weeks to prevent any major buildup of debris inside. You’ll want to be careful of the fall season, where leaves will start to collect, and the summer, where grass clippings will accumulate.


Have a Clogged Yard Drain?

If you have a clogged yard drain that needs immediate attention, reach out to ASAP Plumbing Experts. We offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services for all types of drains. Your clogged yard drain can significantly impact your lawn and your home. You should get your yard drain clog addressed as soon as possible to prevent damage to your landscaping and home. Give us a call today for a quote and get your clogged yard drain cleared of any obstructions today! 


How to prevent your yard drain from clogging?

You can implement many tasks to prevent your yard drain from clogging, but the best way is to get it cleaned annually. Annual yard drain cleanings will help remove any buildup of debris over the last year. You can expect fewer drainage issues once you have a professional by your side.  

What is clogging my yard drain?

Many types of debris can clog your yard drain. The most common culprits include: 

  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves
  • Dirt or mud
  • Trash and foreign debris
  • Sediment
  • Stones or rocks

If any of these materials are causing your yard drain to clog, our team will remove them.  

How do you clean out clogged yard drains?

The most effective method of cleaning out a yard drain is with water jetting. The high-pressure water is effective in dislodging any kind of debris that may have accumulated.\

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