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A Helpful Tool for Our Plumbers

To determine the cause of your sewer problems, our team uses an essential tool to inspect the sewer pipe. Sewer cameras have been used for many years to locate clogs, find damage, and simply get a closer look at your plumbing. These waterproof, flexible cameras have paved a new way for how we diagnose sewer line problems and implement solutions. Before, we’d have to dig up the pipe and look inside various portions. Today, all it takes is a simple camera to determine what’s going on. 

Sewer Video Inspection


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How We Use Sewer Cameras

Sewer cameras are used to determine what is causing the issue in your sewer line or plumbing. The camera is attached to a flexible, waterproof wire that we push down into your plumbing. To inspect your sewer line, we typically access a drain closest to it. The camera then sends our plumber the feed on a small monitor. As the camera explores your plumbing and sewer line, the plumber can make observations, adjustments in the camera’s trajectory, and closely examine your pipes. Once we find the root of the sewer issue, they’ll determine the best solution.


What Sewer Cameras Help Us Find

Sewer camera inspections are essential in determining what is causing your plumbing to experience such problems. They are able to identify a number of different problems your sewer line may have, but they cannot find everything. If your sewer line is giving you problems, we’ll do our best to determine the cause. The sewer camera helps us find the following:

  • Locate sewer and plumbing lines
  • Clogs and debris
  • Tree roots
  • Collapsed areas
  • Type of sewer line material (PVC or cast iron)
  • Cracks or breaks in the line

The one thing a sewer camera inspection cannot find is a leak. Since the camera is on the inside of the pipe, a leak is not visible. We can identify visible signs of damage that causes a leak, but small leaks are not visible to our plumbers on the camera.


Schedule a Sewer Camera Inspection

If your plumbing or sewer are giving you any trouble, it’s important to contact a professional plumber for an inspection. It’s through an inspection that will help you learn what is causing the issue and how to solve it. Sewer camera inspections are minimally invasive and can be completed quickly. Give us a call for 24-hour plumbing services or to request a quote. Our expert plumbers are here to serve you and the Greater Houston area.


What is a sewer camera inspection?

Sewer camera inspections are used to find cracks, collapses, misaligned pipes, clogs, debris, tree roots, and other forms of sewer line damage. A waterproof, flexible tube with a camera at the end is fed into the lowest drain of your property. The plumber will navigate the camera down the plumbing until it reaches your sewer line. At that point, they will gradually move down your sewer pipe, observing the camera feed on the paired monitor. 

How long does a sewer camera inspection take?

You can expect your sewer camera inspection to last about 30 minutes. Larger homes or properties may take a little more time. 

Is a sewer camera inspection worth it?

Sewer camera inspections are essential for learning what is wrong with your sewer line. If we didn’t have the technology for sewer cameras, our team would have to dig up your sewer line and take apart the plumbing. These kinds of projects cost thousands of dollars and take weeks to complete. Sewer camera inspections significantly cut down on costs and only take 30 minutes. We think it’s more than worth it! 

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