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Water is Detrimental to Your Property

If there is a single substance that has a major effect on your property, it’s water. Even the smallest amount of moisture can lead to certain materials deteriorating. Not only will your materials suffer from moisture, but it paves the way for mold growth. Moisture and mold come hand-in-hand, meaning your water damage cleanup is a must. These services help mitigate the damage to your property and prevent mold from taking root. Water damage most often comes from within the home rather than outside elements like rain or flooding. You must be mindful of your property’s plumbing and water-using appliances for these reasons. 


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Sources of Water Damage

There are many places within your property where water can escape and damage nearby materials. One of the most common places is plumbing, which is primarily hidden in the walls, ceilings, and floorboards. Knowing if a leak is present in these areas is difficult because the damage could go unnoticed for many years. Leaking pipes over time is not as obvious, but busted pipes are! A busted pipe, the leading cause of water damage in residential and commercial properties, is a problem you’ll notice right away. Busted pipes require immediate attention. Other common areas of water damage within your property include failed appliances that use water, such as a water heater, dishwasher, sink, or toilet. Be mindful of these areas of your home or business to prevent serious water damage. 


What to Do When Experiencing Water Damage

If you’re a homeowner or business owner, you can take a few steps to mitigate the water damage on your property. While you perform these actions, you should have another person contact Hydro Jetting and Drains Houston for emergency water damage cleanup. Our team is available 24/7, so do not hesitate to contact our team for water damage restoration and cleanup. Here is what you can do to reduce the impact of water damage in your home or business:

  • Shut off the water source or contact the appropriate authority to do so
  • Move any valuables (furniture, equipment, personal belongings) away from the water
  • Turn off circuit breakers to the affected areas if the box is safe to reach
  • Remove any excess water with towels or a mop
  • Avoid entering the area if electrical appliances or outlets are exposed to water 


Why Choose Us for Water Damage Cleanup

Hydro Jetting and Drains Houston is a 24-hour plumbing and water damage restoration company. Our team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced restoration and plumbing specialists. They know what it takes to mitigate water damage and implement effective drying solutions for your property. Our goal is to help you salvage and restore as much of your property as possible. In turn, you save on costly repairs. The team at Hydro Jetting and Drains Houston is also known for exceptional customer service. The people we employ are not only professionals. They are also extremely kind and friendly faces you’ll be glad you had by your side.


Our Water Damage Cleanup Process

ASAP Plumbing Experts approaches water damage with a trusted method designed to mitigate damage, restore materials, and prevent mold growth. You can see the outline of our water damage restoration process below:

  1. Contact our team
  2. Inspect and assess the water damage
  3. Water removal
  4. Damaged material removal
  5. Clean, sanitize, and deodorize
  6. Dry materials and salvageable items
  7. Monitor the drying process
  8. Property restoration


Contact Our Team for Water Damage Cleanup

If your property is has been impacted by water damage, reach out to Hydro Jetting and Drains Houston. We offer 24-hour water damage cleanup services for commercial and residential properties. Our plumbers will respond to your emergency request to reduce the impact on your property and reduce costs. Reach out to our team for a quote and to start the water damage restoration process on your property.


How much does it cost to cleanup water damage?

It depends greatly on the extent of the water damage. Once we know more about the scope of your water damage, our team can provide you with an accurate estimate.

How long does water damage cleanup take?

The amount of time it takes to clean up water damage varies greatly on the scope of the damage. Some projects may take a week, while others will take months. After learning more about the extent of your water damage, we can provide you with a time frame. 

Does water damage cleanup require a building permit?

Yes. Water damage cleanup will require a building permit. That said, this requirement varies based on your location and municipality. If a permit is required, our team will obtain it before starting work on the cleanup. 

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