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Indoor plumbing has to be one of the greatest inventions of all time. Not only is using indoor plumbing more sanitary than chamber pots, but it’s also more convenient as well. You don’t have to worry about finding a way to dispose of waste. You can simply sit back while it floods into either a sewer system or—in your case—a septic tank. Septic tanks are convenient and sanitary, just like sewer systems. However, they do require a certain level of care. If you want your septic system to last you, then you should be careful to invest in proper maintenance. Here are six septic system maintenance tips to assist you: 

1. Avoid Chemical Cleaners

Harsh chemicals can harm your septic system, as well as your health and the environment. Thus natural cleaners are a far better option when you’re bitten by the cleaning bug. Avoid ammonia and bleach. Instead, opt for white vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils. These agents will disinfect and clean surfaces without causing any damage to your pipes or tank. 

2. Conserve Water

Did you know that one American can use up to 175 gallons of water per day? Because water just swirls away down our drains, it can be easy not to recognize just how much we’re using. However, it’s crucial that you do your best to reduce water waste, no matter how easy it is to continue going throughout your day doing the same old routine. If you use too much water every day, it will actually strain your septic system. This shortens your septic system’s lifespan. So purchase high-efficiency toilets and showerheads to help you reduce water waste. Also, only do laundry when you have a full load. 

3. Get Your Septic Tank Pumped Often

On average, you should get your septic system pumped every three to five years. However, how often you get your tank pumped depends on how many people you have in your household. If you have a large family, you may need to get your tank pumped more often. A professional will be able to evaluate your needs and how often you need to call for a professional cleaning. 

A septic system that needs professional septic system maintenance

4. Don’t Flush Wipes

The only thing you should flush down your toilet is toilet paper. Wipes do not belong in your septic system. It doesn’t matter if they are labeled “flushable,” “septic safe,” or anything else reassuring. Always place them in the trash. 

5. Keep Vehicles Away From Your Drain Field and Tank

Your septic system can’t handle a lot of weight coming from above. When you park vehicles over your system, then it will cause the soil to get packed down. In turn, the packed soil may cause your pipes to break. Protect your system by treating it with extra care. 

6. Get an Inspection Regularly

While you can implement a lot of maintenance steps yourself, you should never underestimate how important it is to enlist a professional’s help. You should get a professional inspection for your septic system once a year (or more often if you experience a problem before the year is up). This ensures that any problems with your septic system get caught early on, thus helping you avoid costly and complicated repairs later. 

We Can Help With Septic System Maintenance! 

We hope that you have learned a lot of valuable information about how you can keep up with septic system maintenance. It’s important to care for this part of your home so you and your family always have access to working indoor plumbing. Don’t put off regular care. You’ll save yourself a lot of time, stress, and money by staying on top of everything. Contact our professionals at ASAP Plumbing Experts for septic system maintenance whenever you are in need!