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Whether it’s a leak that seemed to come from out of nowhere or a torrential flood, water damage in your home will always be a point of frustration and anxiety. First, your home incurred damage from an event that suddenly occurred and was out of your control. Second, the thought of how much you might need to pay to repair those damages and address the source of said damage is equally unsettling. 

However, you remember that with insurance, you might be able to reduce the  cost of addressing those damages, leading you to wonder, “are water main leaks covered by insurance?” Today we will find out the answer to that question in this blog. 

What Is A Water Main? 

To properly determine if water main leaks are covered by insurance, we will provide you with clarity as to what is considered a water main. While the term water main is often used to refer to the water system of a specific property, a water main refers to the system of water pipes maintained within a municipal area. While water mains connect to the water systems of other properties, responsibility over the functionality of the water main falls under the jurisdiction of a town or city. 

are water main leaks covered by insurance

What Causes A Water Main Leak? 

Now that you understand what a water main is, it’s time to explore the most common causes behind a water main leak. When determining whether or not water main leaks are covered by insurance, the cause will make a huge difference in whether or not you will receive said coverage. 

1. Poor Maintenance 

Whether it’s the point of connection between the water main and your water service line or the water main serving the municipal area itself, poor or inconsistent maintenance can lead to water main leaks. Staying on top of maintaining your water service line and ensuring your city does its part of keeping the municipal water main functioning will make a difference in preventing a leak from inflicting extensive water damage upon your property. 

2. Time 

The age of any water system can impact its effectiveness and whether or not it creates problems for your household. If the water line connecting to your municipal water main shows visible signs of rust and aging, stay on top of getting it replaced to prevent any leaks from coming into your home. 

3. Human Error 

Sometimes, a bad plumbing job or construction equipment hitting a part of the city water main is all it takes to create a water main leak. Even overwhelming your water main with high water pressure can cause this leak. As frustrating as it is, human error is just as likely to cause a water main leak as any force of nature. It is now time to officially answer the question: “are water main leaks covered by insurance?” 

Are Water Main Leaks Covered By Insurance? Which One? 

While asking, “are water main leaks covered by insurance?” is a reasonable question, it cannot be answered if one fails to specify which insurance. The two types of insurance you are most likely to look at in this situation are homeowners and flood insurance. Let’s see if either one covers water main leaks. 

Homeowners Insurance 

Homeowners’ insurance covers water damage costs when the causes are deemed to be accidental or sudden by an insurance agent with the origin of the damage taking place within your property. If the water main leak originated from the city’s system, it’s the city’s responsibility, and homeowners insurance will not cover the repair costs for the subsequent damages

If, however, the damages came from an issue that originated within your water line that connects to the water main, and an insurance agent deems it an accidental situation, you will likely receive coverage. That said, it is very difficult to find a way to cover water damage from a water main leak with homeowners insurance. However, there is another option. 

Flood Insurance 

While homeowners insurance may not be able to cover water damage from a water main leak, you will likely find more luck getting coverage with flood insurance. Any water damage inflicted upon your home by a water main leak can be covered by flood insurance because it is not limited in scope to your property. This insurance covers water damage inflicted by forces outside your home, including water main leaks or breaks. For this reason, especially if you live in an area prone to flooding, purchasing flood insurance will save you the heartache of paying more than you should for water damage repairs in your home. 

ASAP Plumbing Experts Will Fix Your Leaks For A Reasonable Price! 

If someone ever asks you, “are water main leaks covered by insurance?” you will be able to confidently tell them, “yes, water main leaks are specifically covered by flood insurance.” If you live in the Houston area, the good news is that our people at ASAP Plumbing Experts can address any repairs necessary to your property. Contact us today and restore your water system to working order.